Marion H.'s professionnal Website

On the way to become an assistant editor...

Welcome ! On this website, you'll find differents sorts of writings for which I've been trained, some works I realized during my Master, and also few texts written when I worked in a bookshop.

Editorial Techniques

With my first articles for the magazine "Citrouille" (written by French and Belgian booksellers, specialized for youth) twelve years ago, and the Publishing, Digital Publishing and Editorial Techniques Master of the Université d'Angers, I develop my knowledges and competences to create those contents.


Back Cover

Be care not to spoil the readers ! You need to stimulate, to give the desire to read and to buy the book. If the back cover presents a summary, the mind of the text has to be respected. The back cover is a practice connected with synthesis and style.


Literature Review

The review is more elaborate and more argued than the note for a favourite book, more subjective than the presentation for a catalogue, but really less objective than the reading note. It could be printed or posted on line (according to the rules of the reading on the web).

Publishing and Bookselling

Pitch and favourite book

Editor's pitch develops briefly main ideas and powerful images to promote its book. The note for a favourite book passes on, in few words or lines, the feeling that the reading let. It is written on a strip or posted on line by the bookseller for the reader-buyer, or by a reader for another reader. Happy turns of phrases and witty remarks are recommended !



The presentation in a catalogue is a nice layout, in line with the graphic design of the Publishing house. It contains brief texts about the book and its writer, and sometimes the coverage by the medias. It could be found on line or be printed (this way is more comfortable for the customers and the booksellers !).


Sales Leaflet

Composed and designed by professionnals (Publishing or Marketing). Composed and designed for others professionnals (Sales Force). Composed and designed to convince professionnals (Bookselling).


Picture's Caption and Iconographic Research

A caption respects a precise number of words or characters. The iconographic research is fundamental to create illustrated book (comics, children's book, art books, and so on). Both of them pose the problems of picture's sharpness and rights'availability and acquisition.

Digital Content and Crossmedia

Editorial and Website Article

Both of these texts fit the reading on screen : the text lenght is short and is built as an inverted pyramid, the pictures increase appeal, the subheadings are meaningful... People don't read on the web as they read printed texts !

Publishing and Communication

Press Release

Who ? What ? Why ? What for ? Where ? When ? Factual, minimal and informative, a press release gets right to the point.

Publishing and Communication

Press Book

A very interested work to promote a book : a leaflet with a nice page layout, medias quotations, precise and argued texts, for a positive and an overall picture of the book.